Mom, Certified Instructor of Stroller Strides®

Favorite workout move: Burpee Climbers

Studied: Baking & Pastry at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

Work: Stay at Home Mama, FIT4MOM Instructor

Loves: Disney, caffeine, nap time, & wine

What students say:

"Kim does a great job mixing things up. Every workout is different."

"She makes sure class is fun for the babies so the mamas can get in a good workout."

"Kim is always encouraging."


Mom, Certified Instructor of Stroller Strides®

Favorite workout move: Reverse Row with Resistance Band

Studied: B.S. In Psychology from The University of Georgia; Real Estate

Work: Stay at Home Mama, Licensed Real Estate Agent, FIT4MOM Instructor

Loves: Backpacking arounf the world, cofee, great friends, & spending time with her sweet baby Hyla

What students say:

"Marissa is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! She makes everyone feel comfortable."

"Just being around Marissa brightens my day!"


Mom, Certified Instructor of Stroller Barre®, Stroller Strides®, & Fit4Baby®

Favorite workout move: Mini Band Thigh Burner Series

Studied: Nursing at the University of Texas (Registered Nurse); International Relations and Communications at Rollins College

Work: Stay at Home Mama, Trade Show Talent, FIT4MOM Owner & Instructor

Loves: God, Lilly Pulitzer, Pilates, Disney, & the beach

What students say:

"Her barre infused classes have helped me tone up in areas where I really needed it like my inner and outer thighs, rear, and lower abs."

"Maura's themed classes are very cute and a great workout. The kids love them."

"I always feel like I belong in Maura's class. She makes class a safe place for moms at every fitness level."


Management Team

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Maura was a Fit4Mom Celebration client for over a year before becoming the owner! She is a certified Stroller Barre, Stroller Strides, and Fit4Baby Instructor, as well as a licensed registered nurse. She discovered Stroller Strides when her son was just five months old and fell in love with not only the fun, high energy workouts, but also the amazing Village of moms and babies. Maura earned a degree in Nursing from the University of Texas, as well as degrees in International Relations and Communications from Rollins College. She brings over a decade of professional experience to the table, as well as a life-long love of physical fitness. Involved in dance and cheerleading since childhood, Maura’s love of movement evolved into adulthood studies of public health, Pilates, barre, yoga, and prenatal fitness. Maura believes overall wellness is best achieved through balance, and takes a multidimensional approach to promoting healthy living. This includes creating thoughtfully varied workouts, as well as fostering a strong sense of community and support amongst members. Maura wants...


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