Andrea Bracco »

Andrea Bracco

FIT4MOM Celebration has changed my relationship with exercising. I love having a supportive group of fellow moms to workout with each morning and I love that babies are incorporated into each workout. Ashley is a wonderful and motivating instructor and a great ambassador of the FIT4MOM company!


Angelica Yarde »

Angelica Yarde

FIT4MOM is an excellent program. Ashley is a wonderful instructor who offers great workouts, encourages the moms, and creates a healthy environment that the children feel safe in. I recommend it to all of my mom friends.


Shaina Stahl Fink »

Shaina Stahl Fink

The group of women involved in Celebration FIT4MOM are amazing! Everyone is so supportive of each other and genuinely friends. They welcomed me in so easily - I felt comfortable from day one! Ashley is an amazing instructor and takes a lot of time to plan out classes that are perfect for moms and babies! Joining was one of the best decisions I've made!


Nalani Cummings »

Nalani Cummings

So much more than just a workout program! After having my baby, the postpartum blues were no joke for me, I had such a regular workout routine before baby but now couldn't find the motivation to leave my baby girl. When she was seven weeks old I found FIT4MOM Stroller Strides and it truly transformed my life. And, No, we're not just mommas cruIsing around, chit-chatting with our strollers. The hour long workout is a combination of strength exercises, power training with resistance bands, intervals and cardio. The classes are engaging for mommy and baby, during exercises we sing songs to our babies, tickle them, and play creative games while we hold planks and do some serious sweating! Not only did I get an excellent workout, get out of the house, make friends but I also got to bring my baby with me and she got to create special bonds as well. I joined over a year ago, and now that I'm back at work full-time I'm still able to continue being part of FIT4MOM through BodyBack. Thanks to BodyBack I literally have my body back, I'm back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes and am living a...


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